Salviati – Corporate ADV

Role: DP, Editor
Client: Salviati

I had the chance to create a corporate video for Salviati, an historic Glassware from Murano.

In the last 150 years they refined the art of making Glass as usal in the little island of Murano in the Venice Lagoon.

Some of their pieces has travelled the world, committed from high luxury brand that choose Salviati to produce unique pieces of design.

Perlage – Corporate ADV

Role: DP, Editor
Client: Perlage Winery

Perlage is a Biological winery based in the Prosecco Valley.

Thanks to a complete biological productive process, this winery is full environmentally friendly, without implementing any chemical fertilizer but just following some Mother Nature’s rules.

Santoni – Experience

Role: DP, Editor
Client: Santoni

A video produced for the occasion of a special event organized by Santoni, the well-known brand of high-quality handmade footwear.

The short video tells the production process, from the cutting of the leather to the polishing of the finished shoe.

Wonderdebb – Documentary

Role: DP, Director, Editor
Talent: Debora Ben Assayag

As my first documentary i choose to tell the story of Debora, a young and talented yoga and aerial disciplines teacher.

Discover how Debbie went full time on her passion and how Covid-19 took her to follow this journey.

FIT CLUB – Short film

Role: DP, Director, Editor
Talent: Gabriele Perini

The first short film as a neewbie you won’t ever forget.

The athlete has to complete few challenges to be part of the FIT CLUB, you can’t imagine how it will end.

Town – ADV Social Campaign

Role: DP, Editor
Model: Beatrice Parozzi
Client: TOWN

My first set of video for a Social Media ADV Campaign.

TOWN is a manifacture brand based in Verona.
As internal brand of Calzaturificio JUMBO S.p.A, it can praise of a deep know-how in stylism and production of shoes, even for luxury fashion brands.